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Roof Replacement

 If the structure of your roofing is far from being solid and sound the time has come to purchase an entire roof replacement.

Roofing Company in Brisbane

 Cracks in the roofing structure might be one of the reasons why you should get a roof replacement. One of them is choosing roofing products suggested in COLORBOND® Roofing or Metal Roofing sections with the aim of enhancing the aesthetical valuation on your house if you're no longer happy with the visual properties of the current roof. Professional and licensed contractor that include Brisbane Roofing Services will provide you with all the necessary information concerning the roof replacement.

New Possibilities

 Although a roof replacement is fairly expensive compared to re-roofing, in the end it pays off with an advance. When estimating the expenses for a roof replacement you need to add higher price regarding the need for more roofing materials, costs of dumping container, and higher labor rates. Roof replacement might come to be high priced, nevertheless, you need to remember that this is an investment for decades to come and it has to be of the highest quality.

Secured Roof

 Using top quality roofing materials will give you a guarantee that your home, or other establishment is resistant against chemical fumes and adverse weather conditions for a long time. Even the worst climate conditions won’t do your metal roofing any damage - coating of a new generation metal roofing is incredibly resistant. Call Brisbane Roofing Services for additional information.


 Rust has absolutely no way of forming on modern metal roofing products. Furthermore, existing materials are mildew tolerant and can stand heavy rain storms regardless of whether it lasts for weeks. And if you care for the environment, profesional insulation and underlayment along with top quality solar reflectance lowers the energy prices that your establishment generates.

Various Metal Roofing Styles and Profiles

For an in-depth information about various Metal Roofing Products and COLORBOND® Roofing Products visit particular sections. An overview of the most popular roofing products in Zincalume® or COLORBOND® coating, as well as in profiles from Lysaght and Fielders, see the list below.

S-Rib Corrugated from Fielders - is a metal roofing profile quite popular and neutral when it comes to style and design. You can use it in domestic roofing along with industrial and commercial establishments.

 Spandek (Lysaght) - coming in modern day design. Excellent for commercial buildings. Zincalume® and COLORBOND® coatings apply.

 Neo Roman - stylish classic design by Fielders, ideal for homes. With all COLORBOND® and Zincalume® coatings.

ARAMAX FreeSpan from Fielders - a completely innovative roofing solution designed to meet even the boldest of architectural ideas for commercial establishments .

Required Permits

 You must have a building permit if your roof replacement calls for adjustments to the roofing frame. Enquire experts from Brisbane Roofing Services to discuss whether your roof replacement will require any changesto the frame.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Commercial Roofing

   During a light or heavy rain storm and as the water begins to fall over your commercial building; leaks may begin to occur. The reason behind this is because the roofing structure over your building is not in the best condition. Sadly, if this leaking is neglected long enough the re-roofing expenses can get very costly and you will have to resort to emergency leak repairs. However, with regular, commercial roof-repairs and proper roofing maintenance, emergencies such as this can certainly be minimized, if not eliminated.

Roof Renovations

   Making good choices for your new or old roof is something that as a home or building owner, you will never regret. Whether you're tired of constant leaks, noise and repairs, or whether the impression of your home is being ruined by an unattractive roof – a roof restoration can certainly help. A full roof restoration is a complete renovation of your entire roof, leaving it just as good as new.

   As a homeowner you are entitled to know how long the work on your roof is going to take and what you should expect from it.  Typically, a roof restoration will usually take two to four days. However, like most trade work, it really depends on how much work is involved, weather conditions and public holidays.

   It's difficult for roof restoration professionals to give accurate quotes until they have had a chance to inspect your roof. To give you an accurate price for a roof restoration, your roof needs to be checked by a professional. But the prices are usually very competitive and will represent great value for your money.

   It is recommended that you have a professional perform the roof restoration at least twice a year.  To find out if your roof is in need of a roof restoration, watch for the warning signs such as; places where the roof deck is sagging, signs of water damage or leaking, dark spots and trails, outside light showing through the roof. Keeping an eye out for these signs will give your plenty of time to add the project to your to do list.

Roofing for New Buildings

   A new building is worth nothing without a strong, reliable and resistant roofing structure. Throughout its lifespan, it is crucial for any new building to withstand the forces of nature - some of these forces can include; harsh rain, hail, fallen tree branches, winds and dry and humid temperatures. New building owners with innovative, architectural design need to invest in good quality materials and services. By doing so, this will guarantee the protection of your establishment for many decades to come. The materials chosen for your roof will play an important role when it comes to the lifespan of your building.

   Roofing for a new building - is no easy task. The perfect roofing solution for one building may be the worst option for another just down the street. Even if they do resemble each other - home and building owners need to understand that no two buildings are precisely alike. With this being said, how do you choose the perfect roof for a new building with all the options to select from in the marketplace? You can start by asking a Brisbane Roofing company a series of questions before you choosing the roof, the roofing contractor or the manufacturer. At Brisbane Roofing Services, we are more than happy to help with your roofing requirements. If a new or old building requires roofing renovations or commercial roofing services, give us a call today on (07) 3067 8660

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